Application Guidelines

All grant requests should be submitted in writing, and proposals should include the following:

  1. A clear description of the project for which funds are being requested, including program goals and objectives, documentation of need and expected outcomes.
  2. A brief background on the proposing organization or agency.
  3. A detailed expense budget for the project indicating how the funds would be spent and over what time period.
  4. An income statement showing other sources of project support, public and/or private, which have been or will be solicited, including a statement of funds that have been received or pledged to date.
  5. A financial plan showing how the project will be supported beyond the grant period.
  6. The organization's current board of directors and their terms of office.
  7. A copy of the organization's most recent 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt ruling from the IRS.
  8. The organization's most recent certified audit or audited financial statement, where applicable.

Proposals should be submitted by mail to the following address:

Attention: President
The Sunderland Foundation
P.O. Box 25900
Overland Park, Kansas 66225